Costa Cares Mission

Costa Cares is a program established by Costa Enterprises McDonald’s with the mission to provide outstanding community service through various fundraising efforts such as supporting local schools, partnering with churches, involvement in international and national charities, and offering any help or services that the community may need.

We pride ourselves on equal opportunity employment, absolute community involvement, clean facilities, fast service, and hot & fresh food.
Each of our McDonald’s Restaurants makes a strong effort to be actively involved in our community by participating in various fundraising efforts, supporting local schools, partnering with churches, involving ourselves in international or national charities, and offering any help or services that we can for the greater good.

Meet the Costa Family

In 1991, David Costa was accepted into the Registered Applicant (RA) Program for McDonald’s to become an Owner/Operator. After owning the Daulphin Island restaurant location for three years, he moved to Niceville, Fla. where he acquired the BluewaterBay store in 1997. Slowly, Costa began garnering more restaurants in the area.

Today, after 25 years, the Costa family operates 21 restaurant locations with five family owner/operators: David Sr., Helen, David Jr., Amy, and Steven. It has blossomed into a family business in which everyone is actively involved and loves the brand. The Costa family is looking forward to the future with continuous expansion. They want to continue to bring the Costa Family McDonald’s experience to every community while maintaining the highest level of quick service and quality hot fresh food in a sparkling clean environment.